Bugaku is Martial Arts that has been refined into pure “art.” The exquisite bodily movements shared by both Noh and martial arts, traditional musical instruments played embodying the atmosphere of old Japan, beauty that can stand up to any amount of creative scrutiny or close viewing - this is Bugaku.

Train daily; refine your mind and your body; find your “self” within yourself. Through performance, find the spirit in that place, organize your mind and body, and express your most polished self. Here, both sides of “Martial Arts” and “Art” are combined, and the result is a cultural experience of pure innovation - Bugaku.

Building on the central theme of “Martial Beauty,” Bugaku combines and re-imagines the martial arts actually practiced by the samurai and elements of their unique culture and taste, such as tea ceremony and Noh theater. This dynamic and stylish entertainment revolution takes elements of traditional Japanese culture and music, such as the biwa, koto, drum, and flute, and seamlessly integrates them into a breathtakingly original performance.



Experience Classical Martial Arts

The unique ideology of Bugaku, blending the traditions of martial arts, Iaido, and Noh Theater. Physical exercise that can even be useful in your daily life!


Types of Services 

  • Short dances using a traditional fan
  • Laido using Japanese swords
  • Close-up viewing of Noh masks and Japanese swords and armor
  • Commemorative photography is also available.
  • Practice and viewing sessions will be arranged based on the number of participants and budget.

Price and Details 

  • Please contact us for details!

Areas of Service 

  • Tokyo area, but open for negotiation.