About Okinawan Karate

"Zen in Motion" - Training a Strong Mind and Healthy Body

Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate emphasizes not only strengthening the body, but also drawing out inner strength, through techniques combining intensity and flexibility.

Without equal effort put into the training of the spirit, it is nearly impossible to find one's true inner strength. Using original karate theory and techniques passed down through the centuries, one can build a strong, healthy body starting from within oneself.

Our dojo's master, Tsuyoshi Miyagi, moved to Argentina at age 20 to establish his dojo. Since then has dedicated himself to teaching and spreading karate around the world. Around 25 years later, he returned to Japan and set up his Shidokan School in Tokyo.

What we’ll be doing:

Receive instruction from a 9th-Rank Master on how to use the body in the unique ways of the original root of karate, the Okinawan Karate.

Learn the meanings of the basic forms, exercise methods, guidelines for health, and beyond.

For karate enthusiasts and instructors, learn how to teach, how to correct and instruct, and how to pass on advanced skills to your students.

Basic Plan

  • Time: 2 Hours

  • Price: ¥50,000/person

  • Punches, Kicks, Basic Forms, Board-Breaking

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Custom Plan

  • Time: 2 Days (3 hours per day)

  • Price: ¥100,000 and up/person

  • Punches, Kicks, Basic Forms, Board-Breaking

  • Training, Other Body-training, Diet, Breathing, Concentrating Energy

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