Masako Sweets

"Japanese Modern" Sweets Catering Service Original cakes and venue styling according to your event requirements. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Sweets lessons on French confectionary and butter cream flowers are also offered for those in the Tokyo metro-area.


Following Masako's intensive study at a vocational school for classical Japanese confections, she gained experience working in in French confectionary shops in both Tokyo and Yokohama.

Working with the motto of "eaters' happiness and health," and developing her own unique confectionary theories, Masako delivers top-class sweets to deliver messages to and by her customers; "Thank you," "Congratulations," "I love you." She has won many repeat fans from amongst the likes of entertainers, media relations, companies, and more.

A professional pattisier with unique technique that takes full advantage of 30 years of culinary experience, Masako looks to broaden the world of sweets through her one-off creations. As a Stage 4 cancer survivor, she aims to bring her vision of health and happiness to the broader world.


Special hospitality for your special occasion!

Provide your friends or guests with unforgettable "Japanese Modern" or custom cakes that incorporate uniquely Japanese ingredients and methods to give and experience steeped in classical Japanese feeling. Patissier Masako Sweets will bring your event the best in heartful service that is sure to leave an unforgettable memory. Also, if you would like try baking cakes yourself, special lessons and direct guidance are also available.


Types of Services 

  • Japanese Modern Sweets Buffet
    • Japanese Modern style sweets buffets delivered to your home or workplace.
    • Deliver surprises and smiles through cake and venue styling that incorporates Japanese taste.
  • Custom Cake Orders
    • Deliver the taste and fragrance of Masako Sweets' one-of-a-kind confectionary。Custom cakes by delivery are available based on customers' requests.
  • "Japanese Modern" Cake / Original Cake Baking Lessons
    • Lessons are available for those who wish to take part themselves, so please don't hesitate to reach out!


Price and Details 

  • Please contact us for details!

Areas of Service 

  • Kanto area (Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa)