Takeshi Miyagi

Karate, in fact, originated from Okinawa. Karate has a history going back hundreds of years, spread rapidly through the efforts of many masters and teachers during the post-war years, and is now well-established in many countries. 


Born in Okinawa, 1946
At the age of 20, Miyagi traveled to Argentina, South America, to establish his dojo, where he gained more than 200 students. In addition to Argentina, he has been active in Spain and other parts of Europe as both an instructor and to spread interest in karate.
“I want to take Karate beyond its origins in Okinawa and bring it to people in Tokyo as well.” With these words from respected teacher Katsuya Miyahara, he returned to Japan at the age of 45 and set up his Shidokan School in Tokyo. Today, in addition to coaching students, he conducts a wide range of activities to spread Okinawan Karate from Tokyo to the world.

(*)Master Katsuya Miyahara learned from many well-known masters, such as Master Choshin Chibana, Master Anbun Tokuda, Master Choki Motobe - Master Anko Itosu’s students. Through this lineage, Katsuya has inherited the true Shurite Karate tradition. Shorin-Ryu focuses on being practically applicable, given its foundation in rational karate theory, as well as its unique philosophy of “Chinkuchi,” which uses the bodily strength of the practitioner to deliver the force of blows to the opponent in the most critically effective manner. These points led to it being named one of Okinawa’s Important Intangible Cultural Assets in 2000.


About this service

Receive instruction from a 9th-Rank Master on how to use the body in the unique ways of the original root of karate, the Okinawan Karate. Learn the meanings of the basic forms, exercise methods, guidelines for health, and beyond. For karate enthusiasts and instructors, learn how to teach, how to correct and isntruct, and how to pass on advanced skills to your students.


Types of Services 

  • Basic Package
    • Punches, Kicks, Basic Forms, Board-Breaking 3~5 Hours (Based on number of attendees)
  • Instruction for Karate teachers
    • 5~6 Hours x 2 Days
    • *Generally 2 days, based on consultation
  • Karate Health Guidelines
    • Training, Other Body-training, Diet, Breathing, Concentrating Energy, and more 3~5 hours
  • Accomodations near the Dojo and interpreters can be arranged upon request.

Price and Details

  • Please contact us for details!

Areas of Service 

  • Tokyo