About Japanese Traditional Music

Otohogi is a unit of several instruments representing traditional Japan that works with the themes of tradition and innovation.

The world of Japanese music and musical instruments has created an element of culture that has long been pleasing to Japanese society.

Originally, instruments that made sound were closely tied to the spiritual. Now the modern era sees a revival of these old ideas, where an audience member can feel the spirits of the past through a performer who is inspired by beauty in the sounds of nature and insects.

This music melds the old with the new, and members of Otohogi are happy to collaborate with musicians of different origins and styles, traditional dancers, and other creatives.

Find out more about how they create new songs that incorporate electronic music, and arrange the classical sounds into an innovative score.

Honoring traditional music, delivering it to the world, and connecting to the next generation. This is their mission.

What we’ll be doing:

Visiting the studio

Studio tour and lecture on Japanese music

Private performance

Special concert available for booking upon request

Basic Plan

  • Time: 2 Hours

  • Price: ¥35,000 and up/2 people

  • Performance Experience 

    • Private Koto lesson with Seimei Fukuda

    • Play a variety of songs ranging from national anthems to folk songs, or the classic "Sakura."

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Custom Plan

  • Time: Upon request

  • Price: Upon request

  • Performance Experience 

    • Private Lessons on multiple instruments

    • Private mini-concert at location TBD

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