We are a unit of several instruments representing traditional Japan, and working with the themes of tradition and innovation. The world of Japanese music and musical instruments, which has changed steadily alongside the history of Japan, has created an element of culture that has long been pleasing to everyone from the masses to the nobility.


Originally, instruments that made sound were closely tied to the spiritual. Music from Japanese instruments appeals strongly to the 5 senses; hearing, sound, touch, and so on. Now the modern era sees a revival of these old ideas, where an audience member can feel the spirits of the past through a performer who carries the old senses inspired by the beauty in the sounds of nature and insects.


We are happy to take part in collaborations of Japanese and Western instruments, Japanese instruments and traditional dance, and others. Also, we are focusing on creating new songs that incorporate electronic music, arranging the classical sounds into the score, and leaving our activities as a bridge to the next generation. Honoring traditional music, delivering it to the world, and connecting to the next generation. This is our mission.


Traditional Japanese Musicians 

Enjoy an experience of Japanese sound and scene can scarcely be found anywhere else on Earth - the sound of Japanese instruments played by some of the best performers; sometimes powerful, sometimes serene, always captivating. Come and experience Japanese history and culture firsthand. For those who are interested, it is also possible to try out classical instruments for yourself.


Types of Services 

  • Performance Experience 
    • Japanese Lute, Flute, Drum Experience (single or multiple instruments)
    • Play a variety of songs ranging from national anthems to folk songs, or the classic "Sakura."
  • Concert Experience
    • Join a workshop and collaborative musical experience.
  • Traditional Costume Experience
    • Playing music while also wearing Kimono or other traditional Japanese costume. Can be added to any other experience. 
    • Professional photography and video can be arranged upon request.              

Price and Details

  • Please contact us for details!

Areas of Service 

  • Tokyo area, but open for negotiation.