About Kanaryoshi

Kana Paper Brings to Life Handcrafted Richness of Color and the Softness of All-natural Materials

The Beauty of Kana Paper and Skilled Handicrafts Kana Paper is a unique cultural artifact. It is made from all-natural materials, decorated with plant-based dyes, and designed for the specific purpose of writing Japanese "kana" characters.

The time-honored traditional methods of making Kana Paper lead to colors and textures not achievable through regular printing, in particular, paper stained with candlelight or by the soft glow of dusk.

Beyond merely its intended use as calligraphy paper, by incorporating Kana paper into other handicraft items such as decorations, wallpaper, and others, it is possible to add soft, nuanced colors and a unique feel to everyday items.

Learn the time honored tradition of Kanaryoshi with Hisashi Komuro, a third generation paper maker who grew up watching his father, Komuro Yoshihisa, make kana paper in their family's Studio.

What we’ll be doing:

Get private lessons on the art of kana paper making directly from master Hisashi Komuro.

Learn about materials and traditional techniques in detail.

Start your own collection of Kana paper made by traditional techniques.

Basic Plan

  • Time: 1 Hour

  • Price: ¥5,000 and up/person

  • Overview of traditional techniques

  • Work with various materials

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Custom Plan

  • Time: 2 Days

  • Price: ¥30,000 and up/person

  • Overview of traditional techniques

  • Personal paper making experience

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