Learning from Nature to Sharpen the Senses

Modern life can often feel like a series of ongoing changes experienced through the various screens that dominate our lives. Find new inspiration and your own way forward through contact with exquisite nature and sacred sites.

After photographer Miori Inata's life-changing experience of being en eye-witness to the 9/11 attacks in New York, she began a new search, seeking out key places of peace and harmony. This took her across the world, including the famous Ise Shrine, where she felt a unique and special atmosphere, and a deep connection with nature, and the place of humanity within the greater natural whole. This became the new theme for her works.

Taking that extra step out of society and back into nature, to feel your place within the greater world, will surely lead to new discoveries about yourself.

Step behind the lens with Miori Inata. She has published six books including "Ise Jingu and the Origins of Japan," which was distributed to world leaders at the Ise Island G7 Summit. Her photos have appeared in numerous places, including the Washington Post, Vogue Japan, and AERA. In addition, she has held exhibitions at the UN, Columbia University, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Harvard University, the Tokyo National Art Museum, the Shanghai Asian Society, and the Israel Art Museum, among others.

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Visit temples and sacred spaces

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