About Masako Sweets

A Taste of Happiness with Japanese Sweets

Sweets are not just an afterthought to a meal, but also have the power to lift the atmosphere of a place and make everyone suddenly start feeling better. However, managing to combine a satisfying taste and appealing appearance without completely neglecting health is quite challenging.

Everything made by Masako Sweets is designed with both the health and happiness of the recipient in mind, stemming from the unique mindset born from the owner's overcoming cancer. All products from Masako Sweets are made with natural ingredients whenever possible, and gluten-free and other options are currently in the works.

Try one-of-a-kind sweets made by a 1st class patisseire, trained in both the French and Japanese traditions. With a history going back more than 30 years, Masako Sweets offers a taste experience unique in both Japan and the world.

What we’ll be doing:

From custom-order cakes and table settings to private baking lessons using top-class ingredients, Masako Sweets will give you joyful, unforgettable memories through the medium of Japanese sweets.

Delivery Plan

  • Time: N/A

  • Price: ¥150,000 and up

  • Enjoy a variety of customized modern Japanese designed sweets for 2-8 people

  • Confections will be delivered to your location by Patissier Masako

  • Delivery for 2-8 people within the Tokyo/Kanagawa area

  • Table coordination available at an additional cost of ¥100,000 and up, for a modern Japanese atmosphere


Custom Plan

  • Time: TBD

  • Price: ¥20,000 /person

  • Private baking lesson with 1st class Patissier Masako

  • Learn to create a selection of modern Japanese designed sweets