This line of cosmetics is made with the concept of activating the naturally-occuring beautifying enzymes found in fermented rice bran. Through the fermentation process, these enzymes are drawn out of the rice bran in vast quantities and, when applied to the skin, allow the skin’s natural rejuvenation factors to be drawn out and enhanced.


What Makes Yubi Different? 

Given the potential risks of skin absorption of harmful chemicals, Yubi’s products are completely safe and organic in all preservatives, pigments, fragrances, and oil additives, with no petroleum-based preservatives. All-natural herbs such as honey and clove extract act as preservatives, moisturizing and protecting your skin without being harmful. Belle Enfant has gained many high-profile fans, including well-known models, and products such as cleansing foam have been ranked 1st in sales on popular Japanese electronic retailers.

Rice bran is one of the essential ingredients to Belle Enfant products, therefore a high standard of selection is maintained. An initial batch of 50kg of rice bran will have been fermented, cured, and cultured over 20 years. From there, small amounts of bran will be added daily, along with honey and water to promote fermentation. By the end of 3 months, the initial 50kg will have become 300kg. Through this method of using only the most skilled craftsmen and methods, high quality bran is assured every time.




Most of rice’s nutritional value comes from the bran

At the most basic level, rice bran is the part that was removed when milling rice into white rice and normally takes the form of a light brown powder. This rice bran is a valuable natural ingredient that contains the outer shell and germ of brown rice, as well as ferulic acid, which can act as an effective whitening agent. 


Beautification effects of rice bran

Put simply, this is extracted rice bran that has then been fermented. Fermented rice bran is rich in Bacillus bacteria (a type of Bacillus also found in natto).This enzyme gently degrades and removes protein buildups and thick, dry skin, including oxidized melanin and oxidized sebum from exposure to ultraviolet rays, transforming dull skin into smooth, bright, clear skin.


Pictured in this video is the President of Yubi, her daughter and grand daughter


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