About Yubi Organic Cosmetics

Regain your Skin's natural shine with additive-free rice bran cosmetics

The Yubi series is a new, fermentation based series of cosmetics from Belle Enfant. The product line's use of all-natural ingredients such as honey, royal jelly and brown sugar has won it worldwide acclaim, celebrity customers, and top sales rankings from many online retailers.

The original purpose of cosmetics is to enhance the natural beauty of the skin. However, products that are applied directly to the skin are also absorbed by it, and generally last longer in the body than things that are digested.

Yubi's line of cosmetics uses all natural ingredients selected around the concept of naturally occurring bacteria from fermentation. Fermented rice bran, used as an all-natural, non-additive base, has a powerful revitalizing effect on the skin. With daily use, it will bring a fresh, touchable feeling back to your skin.

What we’ll be doing:

Get a personalized esthetics experience with the president of YUBI cosmetics

Revitalize your skin with a specially formulated rice bran cosmetic line

Custom Plan

  • Time: 2 Hours

  • Price: Face ¥50,000 /person

    Face & Body ¥100,000 and up /person

  • Location: At client’s request (bath facilities must be available).